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Vaginal Gel for Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and Yeast Infection

Discover the ultimate solution for intimate discomfort with Gynin’s pH Balancer Vaginal Gel. Trusted and recommended by gynecologists, this vaginal gel provides instant relief from the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis, including discharge, odor, dryness, itching, irritation, and burning.

Crafted from natural ingredient extracts, Gynin’s pH Balancer ensures there are no side effects to worry about. It’s time to reclaim your comfort and confidence without any compromise on your well-being.

Experience long-lasting freshness and peace of mind with Gynin’s pH Balancer. Say goodbye to the discomfort caused by bacterial vaginosis and embrace a life free from the worries of intimate symptoms. Choose Gynin for a healthier and happier you.


Water, Glycerol, Carbomer 940, Chlorhexidine Acetate, Xanthan Gum, PEG 400, Aloe Vera Extract, Silver Ions, Phellodendri Chinensis Cortex Extract, Pseudolaricis Cortex Extract, Sophora Flavescens Extract, Safflower Extract, Artemisia Argyi Leaf Extract, Phenoxyethanol

Natural Extracts
• Hormone free
• Paraben free
• Contains no perfume, preservatives or pharmaceutical substances

When To Use
• After your period • Before or after sex
• After douching • For freshness anytime
Suggest To Apply At Night Before Bedtime


How Often To Use
• For Treatment
One tube every day for consecutive 7 days
• For Prevention
One tube every day for 2-3 days.
During menopause and after menstrual period, one tube every 3 days


Introduction to Gynin’s BV Gel Treatment

Let us introduce you to Gynin’s groundbreaking BV gel treatment. Gynin’s pH Balancer that is created especially for you to help fight against bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection. This vaginal gel treatment has been very carefully made in order to allow women to enjoy an all-natural, powerful, yet effortless solution for vaginal health that covers prevention and treatment.

Relief and Renewal with pH Balancer

Goodbye to the discomfiture of itching, dryness, foul smelling, and irregular discharges, all thanks to the soft but strong formulation of Gynin’s BV Gel therapeutic, “pH Balancer.” We are sensitive enough to realise

Your road to restoring confidence and peace of mind begins with the thoughtful and meticulous creation of the pH balancer”. It not only alleviates the annoying symptomson but also builds up an impenetrable wall around its further penetration with another infection towards the body. Our “pH Balancer” BV gel treatment is the antidote for persistent pain and will make your body feel healthy again.

Choosing Confidence and Vaginal Health

Trusting this competent comrade who takes care of you on the road to vaginal health and balance is selecting Gynin’s pH Balancer. Let yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis no more be the cause of distress by selecting the natural vulva gel treatment known as Ph Balancer which has been proven to offer relief as well as prevention.

Purchasing a Gynin’s pH Balancer is more than just an ordinary transaction–it is a purchase that impacts the quality of your life. Find out how an experienced BV gel-treatment, “the pH Balancer,” can make you enjoy comfort and secure your vaginal health. Let relief come to you, and embark on the long journey of regaining your healthiness.

Time to assert charge over your vagina health and make your comfort disappear. Accept the effective essence of Gynin’s BV gel therapy, the “pH Balancer,” an impressive gel for vaginal treatment of bacterial vaginosis and candidiasis. Welcome to a confidence and comfort world.