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High-Risk HPV Success Story: Avery’s Triumph Over Cervical Cancer

In the realm of cervical cancer advocacy, Avery stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for countless women. She has dedicated herself to serving as a Gynin Ambassador, a prominent patient advocacy group offering crucial information, unwavering support, and more to women grappling with cervical cancer. Avery’s high-risk HPV success story is one of resilience and triumph over adversity. And emphasizing the importance of living life to the fullest despite the challenges posed by cancer.

high-risk hpv success story

Meet Avery: A Cervical Cancer Survivor’s Tale

Discover the remarkable journey of Avery, a cervical cancer survivor who continues her battle for a “cancer-free” life, three years after her initial diagnosis.

Facing Recurrence with Fortitude

In March 2015, Avery rejoiced when an all-clear PET scan allowed her to imagine a life free from the constant shadow of cancer. But her joy was short-lived, as just three months later, during a follow-up PET scan in May 2015, a new cancerous lymph node was discovered. Avery was confronted with another recurrence of her cervical cancer, a daunting and frustrating setback that ignited her determination to fight even harder.

Unveiling the HPV-Cervical Cancer Connection

Early Encounters with HPV and Cervical Cancer

At the tender age of 17, Avery received her first abnormal Pap test result, along with a positive HPV diagnosis. Little did she know that this marked the onset of a profound journey.

Avery was unaware of the intricate relationship between HPV (Human Papillomavirus) and cervical cancer, or that a persistent HPV infection could escalate into cervical cancer. The gravity of an abnormal Pap test as a potential sign of cervical cancer eluded her. Her doctor offered minimal guidance and omitted the critical information that certain high-risk HPV strains. Such as HPV 16 and 18, significantly elevated the risk of cervical cancer development.

Navigating the Path to Diagnosis

Avery’s relentless pursuit of answers and her eventual diagnosis.

The discovery of abnormal bleeding during intercourse compelled Avery to consult her Ob-Gyn, who identified a visible mass on her cervix. Despite the Pap sample from her biopsy appearing “normal” at the time, a gynecological oncologist later diagnosed Avery with early-stage cervical cancer. She opted for a trachelectomy, a procedure that preserves fertility. The subsequent oncology panel determined that no further treatment was necessary.

In April 2014, a recurrence rocked Avery’s world, with cancer progressing significantly and involving lymph nodes and multiple masses. She faced an arduous battle, enduring rounds of carbo/taxol/avastin and external pelvic radiation along with cisplatin.

Building a Supportive Community

Avery’s quest for a community of like-minded individuals

Throughout her journey, Avery began chronicling her experiences through an online blog. It connects with the Teal Ladies group on Facebook—a community of women battling gynecologic cancers. She also reached out to a local cancer support group, although no one there shared her cervical cancer diagnosis. However, during her hospital stay, Avery’s encounter with a woman her age experiencing cervical cancer for the first time inspired her to provide support and mentorship.

A Resilient Family and a Young Son’s Questions

How Avery’s family provided unwavering support and strength throughout her cervical cancer journey.

Avery’s son, at the age of six, has been profoundly impacted by her journey. And he asks questions about cancer that exceed his tender years. Her husband’s steadfast support and unwavering presence during cervical cancer treatments and doctor visits have been invaluable.

Finding Purpose in Cervical Cancer Advocacy

Avery’s unwavering commitment to sharing knowledge and empowering women facing cervical cancer.

Despite facing numerous challenges, Avery has learned a lot that she wants to pass on to others. She aims at helping other women diagnosed as she was, telling them how they should prevent themselves or be treated.

Tough Lessons in Early Detection and Awareness

Early detection and HPV tests in Avery’s cervical cancer journey.

She wonders if she would have known about her HPV type from the start when her abnormal Pap tests first appeared, as some of these strains are more likely than others. She promotes HPV testing with Pap tests and emphasizes enlightened decision-making in people’s lives.

Empowering Women: Avery’s Message

Avery’s loud message to women against a wall

Finally, Avery points out the importance of listening to your body and staying strong in women’s wellness exams. Her trip through adversity taught her how to gather strength of mind in the face of danger. In her words, “you never know what you can endure until you don’t have any other choice.” Her advice: don’t give up in life; be strong and determined to high-risk HPV treatment.

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